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About Kay Cannon

Kay Cannon is an award-winning executive coach on a mission: to help Type A individuals reap professional and personal success without the resulting collateral damage. Her insights have been featured in more than 50 publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes Online, The London Financial Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, CIO Magazine, CFO Magazine and Executive Travel.

A bona fide member of the Type A tribe, Kay has been battle-hardened by 25 years in the executive trenches. She can reasonably predict when a top Type A performer is on the path to a train wreck long before any visible signs appear. Since 1999, her no-nonsense executive coaching has helped countless Type A titans correct course and launch on a smoother, faster trajectory to success – without any catastrophic side-effects.

An expert in leading organizations through challenging times, Kay’s known for her stellar turnaround track record. As a former healthcare executive, she played a key role in growing a start-up from $5M in venture capital to a company that sold for $79M within five years. Most recently, under her leadership, a nearly bankrupt non-profit organization became the global industry leader within three years.

Kay holds the International Coach Federation’s highest credential, Master Certified Coach. She also served as the 2007 President of the International Coach Federation. Kay earned her MBA from the University of Kentucky and her BS from the University of Texas Medical Branch.