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About Us

We love Type A’s. They’re smart, ambitious, “can-do” people who inspire us to hustle, shed a bit of old-fashioned sweat, and shove right past any naysayers.

But let’s be honest. Like rocket fuel, Type A’s can be extremely volatile. When these highly accomplished individuals implode, go nuts or do something stupid, we frequently ask, “What were they thinking?!”

They were thinking what they have always thought. It is human nature to stick with what works until proven otherwise and no one will argue that louder or longer than a Type A superstar.

Bad news. When Type A’s move into jobs where success requires juggling elephants and herding tigers, this default thinking can turn a top gun talent into a flopperoo.

Want to argue about it? You just proved our point.

For over 20 years, Kay Cannon and her expert team have been helping Type A’s recalibrate their thinking to get great results – without collateral damage to themselves, their families, or their organizations.

About Kay

From the pages of the New York Times to the board rooms of America’s top organizations, Kay Cannon’s insights into the secret lives of top-performing Type A’s have inspired thousands to achieve greater success without falling victim to the “What just happened!?” phenomenon. Read more about Kay’s work here.


“There is strength and power in Kay’s ‘quiet’ coaching. She very quietly sneaked up behind me and kicked me out of my complacency with those pink fuzzy steel-toed slippers!” Find out what others are saying about Kay’s coaching here.

Case Studies

A Type A sales manager retires the nickname “Screaming Bulldozer,” an engineering executive rated in the bottom quintile for leadership climbs to the top, a fledgling spa turns a rocky start into a sky-rocketing success – and more. Read the case studies here.