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Type A Top Talent – Katy Moss Warner

What’s the perfect way to punctuate a party? If you ask Type A Top Talent Katy Moss Warner, it’s confetti cannons shooting rose petals! From the opulent gardens of Walt Disney World to the Harvard School of Design to the American Horticultural Society, garden designer and executive leader, Katy Moss Warner, is on a crusade […]

Type A Top Talent – Debra Koerner

When corporate executive and single mother Debra Koerner found herself struggling with insomnia, unwanted weight and chronic indigestion she did what many individuals do. She went to her physician for help. But when the doctor pulled out his prescription pad to treat her symptoms, Debra said no. Instead of popping prescription pills to hide her […]

Type A Top Talent – Shelia Bayes Top CEO

Type A Top Talent Shelia Bayes has a lot in common with the beautiful diamonds displayed in her award-winning jewelry store. Underneath the dazzle and sparkle lies a story of transformation through fire. She’s learned that you must dig deep inside to unearth your most precious treasures.
Shelia Bayes was born in 1965 in Paintsville, Kentucky […]

Type A Top Talent – Teresa Barnhill

Learning to relax in the moment and enjoy where you are can be a huge challenge for turbocharged Type A’s who are wired to be learners. No one knows that better than Type A Top Talent Teresa Barnhill.
Teresa is a wonderful example of a Type A who has tremendous talents and has found a way […]

Type A Top Talent – David Rehr

Have you ever wondered what people say about you when you’re not listening? As good as gold or as rank as rotten fish, your reputation wields tremendous power over your career and your life. But how exactly do you make a great reputation and keep it? And how do you recover your good reputation when […]