Seven Type A Career Mastery Mistakes

“I have to ask myself some tough questions.  Why am I doing this work?  In the whole big scheme of things, what real difference does my work make?  When I’m gone, what will I leave behind?  How will I be remembered?  As the wife who was too busy to spend time with her husband?  For […]

Ten Tactics To Conquer Email

“I’m getting 350 emails a day.  There’s no way I can keep up with them.”
“If I don’t read my email while I’m on vacation, I’ll never be able to catch up.”
“I can’t get any real work done because of email!”

Is email sucking the productivity right out of you?  Are you struggling to keep up with […]

Shortchanging Authority?

Ineffective delegation.  Micromanaging.  Poor accountability.  Bulldozing.  Performance shortfalls.  Blaming and complaining.
It’s no secret that most Type A top guns are prone to causing collateral damage in their relentless pursuit of results.
But here’s something you may not know.
One of the most common mistakes Type A leaders make is shortchanging authority.
They define job responsibilities.  They spell out […]

Slapped By Surprise!

The small town spinster stands in the spotlight at center stage. Her unruly salt and pepper curls embrace a pudgy, homely face atop a marshmallow body draped in a frumpy dress.
A man in the audience rolls his eyes in disgust and sneers at the woman.
The melody beings and a beautiful voice slices through the […]

Two Heads Are Not Better

“I can’t believe this. My direct reports scored me really high. My supervisors scored me low. This is confusing. I don’t understand.”
I run into various flavors of this two-headed Type A monster all the time when debriefing the results of the Tilt360 Leadership Predictor. Sometimes the direct reports score the […]

Gagging Down Oreo Cookies

“I use the oreo cookie method.”
The manager’s confident words raked across my eardrums like fingernails across a blackboard.
Now I understood why his direct report didn’t trust him.
This HR holy grail is needlessly destroying millions of boss-employee relationships.
Are you using the oreo cookie method to deliver employee criticism? Take a look at these 3 […]

What Most Type A Leaders Forget to Do

What are you forgetting to do in the hullabaloo of deadlines, distractions and demands that has the power to sink your ship?

You give direction.
You give feedback.
You ask for opinions.
You problem-solve.
You make big decisions.
You strategize.
What’s missing?
More than likely it’s asking for commitment.
Here’s the deal. Too often we skip right over that step and just assume […]

Barking for Trouble

“I corrected the mistake for her and told her I expected it would not happen again.”
The triumphant Type A manager leaned back in her chair and licked her lips like a satisfied lioness savoring the fresh blood after the kill.
“Did you ask for the employee’s commitment that she would not make that mistake again?” […]

Watch Your Words

Here’s a little secret I want to share with you.
When you feel stuck in a situation, a quick way to get unstuck and grab some traction is to do a little switcheroo with the words you’ve been using to describe the situation.
Let me show you how this works.
If you and a co-worker […]

Don’t Take the Bait

There it is. Dangling in front of your nose like a scrumptious morsel of self-indulgence. Taunting you with its seductive aroma.
Righteous indignation.
Blistering anger.
Backstabbing retaliation.
Cold indifference.
Passive aggressive sabotage.
What’s your poison of choice when someone pushes your hot buttons?
Make no mistake. Nothing makes a smart and talented Type A superstar look like a donkey’s backside […]