Oops! Your Slip is Showing.

“If I could, I would take this @#$%&@* ball and shove it down your @#$%&@* throat.”
“You lie!”
In the heat of the moment and fueled by passion, Type A top performers are notorious for short circuiting between their brains and their lips. Like Mt. Vesuvius belching lava, uncensored thoughts explode and rain down on […]

Cookin’ Goose and Eating Crow

This weekend gave us two more great examples of how default thinking can sabotage the success of Type A performers.
After weeks of Type A slicing and dicing, Melissa d’Arabian, stay-at-home mom, kept her focus and chopped nine culinary-schooled competitors to become The Next Food Network Star. The runner-up, Jeffrey Saad, had this to say […]