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CEO Confidential Advisory Consultation

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who gets it.

Here you are again, soothing ruffled feathers and patching up people problems. One of your top Type A performers is turning everything they touch into collateral damage, your team’s morale is quickly crumbling, and your inbox is choking on the incoming complaints.

Who can you turn to for solutions when you’re the one who’s supposed to have all the answers?

Kay Cannon has been in the executive trenches long enough to know how Type A collateral damage can hold up progress and waste precious time. And she knows how frustrating it is to maintain strategic focus when a top player is veering off course and causing one catastrophe after another.

Kay is very adept at identifying your hidden strengths, honing your executive skills and creating a game plan to strategically accelerate your success.  She is insightful, experienced and masterful at translating leadership concepts into very practical behaviors and skills.  I highly recommend her.

-Rusty Holman, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Cogent Healthcare

You don’t have to tackle Type A people problems alone. During a confidential 90-minute consultation with Kay, you can:

  • Pinpoint the invisible root cause of top performer collateral damage. Understand how you may unknowingly be making sensitive situations worse – and craft a strategy that quells the destruction for good.
  • Investigate delicate situations without stepping on toes or tipping your hat. Figure out if the Type A performer in question is worth salvaging (and learn what you absolutely should not do, lest it damage your credibility and make things even worse).
  • Get to the root of what satisfies, motivates, and sabotages your top Type A talent so that you can discuss your concerns and get their buy-in without being hurtful or disrespectful.

During your phone call with Kay, you can discuss concerns in complete privacy without the fear of being overheard. We’ll be sure to schedule your consultation as quickly as possible so that you don’t have to worry about more problems piling up while you wait.

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