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Enterprise Solutions

Your organization is bigger than just one individual. So are our solutions.

Our enterprise solutions cover the needs of your entire organization, from consulting to custom workshops. So don’t just focus on your top players – reinforce every rung in the ladder.

  • We work with the hidden 90% of human potential that traditional tools and methods overlook. We address unconscious mindsets – those under-the-radar inklings that influence 90% of all thoughts and actions – and recalibrate your organization’s collective thinking for lasting success. In other words, we get your team off autopilot and into higher gear.
  • We save organizations from the “What just happened!?” phenomenon. Nobody else can reasonably predict impending collateral damage catastrophes like Kay Cannon’s expert team. Because we know exactly what fuels – and sabotages – your success, we’ll help you spot and snuff out signs of collateral damage before it’s too late.
  • When we go, our results stay. Traditional solutions fail to go deep enough to create long-lasting success. The instant that the next crisis hits, good intentions fade and everyone reverts to old behaviors. But because we focus on deep change – not surface-level fixes – when we go, our results stay.

Turn your weakest links into your greatest strengths. Some of our most requested services include:

  • Diamond Ingenuity Mastery – Kay Cannon’s signature system for getting Type A talent off autopilot, out of the way of collateral damage, and into a higher realm of success and satisfaction.
  • Consulting – Navigate confidently through business turnarounds, industry upheavals, re-branding initiatives, and other high-stakes strategic challenges with our customized consulting services.
  • Collateral Damage Diagnostic Intensive – Our expert team will swoop in and sort out even the burliest collateral damage dilemmas through in-depth, on-site interventions. Get everyone working together seamlessly: click here to learn more about the Collateral Damage Diagnostic Intensive.

We craft elegant, tailored solutions to thorny business challenges. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.