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Executive Leadership Coaching

Type A superstars are intense, powerful, and passionate. But so are hurricanes.

When you’re the storm stirring up collateral damage for miles around, you’re often the last to know it. After all, from the center of your own hurricane, the sky is always blue.

But beware: the same power, passion, and intensity that supercharge your success can also sabotage it, and nobody is truly immune to the resulting collateral damage. That’s why up to half of all executive leaders are doomed to fail.

So if you’re being groomed for a CEO-level position, you have to be sure your blue-sky success doesn’t come wrapped in a swirl of destruction. You have to diffuse the winds of collateral damage before they’re a category-5 disaster. We can help.

How do you sustain spectacular results – without the stormy side-effects?

We help Type A’s channel their signature intensity to accomplish great things…without toppling over any power lines.

She repackages your own thoughts and hits you over the head with your own hammer.

-K. Kaltenborn, Lexmark International

With Executive Leadership Coaching, you can:

  • Cultivate an unmistakable executive presence. Get confidential, candid feedback on your leadership effectiveness, performance, and presence. Three monthly 50-minute sessions with a KCI coach give you a steady stream of insights and tools to supercharge performance while stifling catastrophe.
  • Be confident that when it’s time for the next level, you’ll be ready. We’ll show you how to work smarter, not harder, to seamlessly move up the ranks – and still get home in time for dinner.
  • Stay several steps ahead of collateral damage for the rest of your career. The world is littered with examples of intelligent Type A’s who were sideswiped by their own 100-mile-per-hour winds. That doesn’t have to be you: we’ll show you the pitfalls and illusions that ensnare even the best leaders so that you can avoid the same fate.

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