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Executive Team Coaching

Your team meetings start innocently enough. Just like wildfires.

Every wildfire was once a cozy campfire, candlelit dinner, or pot of tea on the stove – but then things got a little out of hand. The same can happen to even the best executive teams. One minute, there’s warmth and camaraderie – the next, someone’s ego is on fire.

When your top players get together, there’s bound to be brilliance bundled with brouhaha. So you have to wisely channel your team’s intensity and get them working seamlessly on high-stakes issues.

But if that’s starting to feel a bit like juggling elephants and herding tigers, it’s time to tame the chaos before your entire organization is up in flames. We can help.

How do you keep the torch of teamwork burning – without setting off any fire alarms?

Through careful analysis, candid discussion, and two decades worth of executive insight, Kay Cannon makes sure your whole team is on the right side of a good thing – so that when the sparks of brilliance do fly, nobody’s left holding the gasoline.

Kay worked closely with our organization, Children’s Hospital, over a one year period that incorporated business, team and personal coaching elements. She was my coach during that time, and I engaged her for personal coaching following the completion of the consulting period. It is not a stretch to characterize the results of our coaching as life-changing! 

I have found her skills to be unmatched in the coaching community. She loves what she does, and does it extremely well with passion.

-J. Burroughs, Vice President, Children’s Hospital

With Executive Team Coaching, you get:

  • Confidential access to Kay Cannon. A Type A leader familiar with the executive trenches, Kay knows what sabotages even the most successful leadership teams. She’ll get everyone working seamlessly on strategic issues while dousing the flames of collateral damage.
  • A safe place to untangle high-stakes strategic dilemmas – without hidden agendas, confidentiality issues, or political poker to worry about. With Kay’s guidance, your team can hit pause, reflect, and indulge in the luxury of really mulling things over before making big-impact decisions.
  • Candid feedback to help your team cultivate a unified executive presence. Get the truth about your team’s effectiveness and professional performance – plus actionable advice on how to improve it.

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