Motivating a Type A Superstar to Change

Here’s a brutal truth hiding behind closed doors in executive suites all over the country.

Motivating a Type A Superstar to change her magic formula for success can be the boss’s toughest challenge.

Think about it. When you’ve got a proven track record of bringing home the bacon, it’s a natural tendency to dig in your heels when someone tells you that you’ve got to do things differently.

Take outstanding results, mix in some power and whip with a hefty dose of ego and you’ve got a recipe for one stubborn Type A superstar.

Don’t believe me? Just ask a General Sales Manager who leads a team of top notch account executives in a constricting, highly competitive marketplace. Or ask the CEO who is trying to get the COO and CMO to stop playing office politics.

Here’s the deal. If your Type A Superstar thinks the proposed changes are going to negatively impact her pocketbook, her power or her prestige, chances are that you’re going to meet resistance.

So… How do you motivate a Type A Superstar?

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