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Rapid Performance Analysis

Theories and strategies are great, but they are generic. You’re not generic.

Everyone else is reading the same best-selling books, taking the same leadership classes, and attending the same professional workshops as you. But if you really want to stand out from the pack, shouldn’t you look for answers somewhere else?

We’ve got a great place to start: you. You don’t need strategy-of-the-day solutions; you need insights that will fit you like a favorite pair of jeans. So while everyone else reads the same generic mumbo-jumbo, we’ll map out your distinct performance DNA, fortifying any weak links and supercharging your professional potential.

The Rapid Performance Analysis consists of a suite of hand-picked diagnostic tools from our bottomless toolbox, as well as Kay’s expert, intuitive insights. That means that you get elegant, custom-tailored strategies for real success – your success. (And we guarantee nobody else will have that in their repertoire!)

No matter how difficult or complicated the situation, Kay manages to motivate individuals to perform in ways I never thought possible.

-M. Morford, President, The HREdge, Inc.

The Rapid Performance Analysis helps you to:

  • Boost profitability and productivity – without anyone noticing you left before rush hour. When you amplify your unique strengths and channel them efficiently, you not only get powerful results – you get your time back.
  • Get an inside peak into how others perceive your leadership presence – so you can shatter their best expectations – without confirming their worst fears.
  • Get to the root of what drives – and sabotages – you, so you can stop letting unconscious mindsets run your life, undermine your credibility, and sabotage your career.

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