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Not Your Father’s PowerPoint…

Drawing upon two decades of executive expertise and an arsenal of real-world stats and scenarios to back up her points, Kay’s out to prove that Type A titans can still get colossal results – without the ensuing collateral damage.

Kay’s presentations provide information that people not only use but that actually change their lives. She is a master of her topics and a dynamic presenter.

-B. Naugle, Director, Kentucky Small Business Center and the Center for Entrepreneurship

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Why Type A’s Implode, Go Nuts, and Do Stupid Things – and How to Stop Them!

Every day, a Type A superstar somewhere will implode, go nuts, or do something stupid, leaving us to wonder, “What just happened!?” High-profile blunders include Tony Hayward, Martha Stewart, and Tiger Woods – but there’s more where that came from, and it may just be lurking in the suite next door. Award-winning executive coach Kay Cannon digs into real-world catastrophes to reveal the surprising culprits behind Type A collateral damage – and why the next great blowup may just be yours.

The Global Epidemic Sabotaging Your Company’s Success – and Why Nobody’s Talking about It

A silent but deadly global epidemic is sneaking into organizations undetected, eating away at their very foundations. Like internal rust on a bridge, Type A collateral damage spreads slowly…until the day everything eventually collapses. This dangerous epidemic corrodes productivity, profitability, and innovation, sucking the life out of even the strongest of companies. If you don’t diagnose the symptoms in time, you risk becoming another casualty. In this engaging presentation, Kay Cannon reveals no-nonsense, evidence-based strategies to fortify your defenses against this sinister saboteur and the silent havoc it wreaks.

Igniting a Mind Shift: Recalibrating Your Top Talent for Success that Sticks

In this dynamic presentation, award-winning executive coach Kay Cannon investigates a real-life mystery plaguing HR departments worldwide: the case of vanishing returns. It’s what happens when you invest thousands of dollars and hours into new talent-development tools – only to watch the results vanish before your eyes. Delving into the 90% of human potential everyone else ignores, Kay will reveal the surprising reasons why some strategies have such a short shelf life…and what you can do to set your top talent up for lasting success.

Juggling Elephants and Herding Tigers: Keeping Type A Teams on Track and in Tune

When Type A top guns get together, a lot can happen and not all of it is good: debates, demands, and dirty looks can quickly morph into dangerous distractions. In this highly interactive session, Kay Cannon reveals eight Type A personalities, the team dysfunctions they cause, and how to stop the ensuing collateral damage. You’ll learn how to keep Type A titans in tune and on target when you absolutely, positively can’t afford to miss a beat.

The Top Ten Type A Positive Attitude Traps

I think I can, I think I can. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. I’ll do whatever it takes. Sound familiar? High achieving Type A’s are known for their passion, power and positivity. But put a bunch of these superstars together and those powerful positive attitudes can turn pesky, plunging your entire organization into perilous terrain. Laugh and learn as award-winning executive coach Kay Cannon reveals ten Type A positive attitudes that every top performer absolutely must avoid – or risk professional disaster.