The Swamp

Last week, I discussed how invisible grief can be a game changer for highly accomplished Type A leaders.  Invisible grief shows up as inexplicable indecision, inconsistency and disinterest.  To learn the five warning signs that you may be wrestling with invisible grief, take a look at last week’s post.
In today’s post, we’re going to take […]

Slapped By Surprise!

The small town spinster stands in the spotlight at center stage. Her unruly salt and pepper curls embrace a pudgy, homely face atop a marshmallow body draped in a frumpy dress.
A man in the audience rolls his eyes in disgust and sneers at the woman.
The melody beings and a beautiful voice slices through the […]

No More Pouty Lip Tantrums

OK, I’ve just got to rant…
If you’re a Type A tog dog who’s leaving a trail of splintered relationships behind you, please don’t kvetch and cry foul if your colleagues don’t bend over backwards to help you improve your relationship with them. I don’t want to hear anymore of these pouty lip,foot stomping […]

Watch Your Words

Here’s a little secret I want to share with you.
When you feel stuck in a situation, a quick way to get unstuck and grab some traction is to do a little switcheroo with the words you’ve been using to describe the situation.
Let me show you how this works.
If you and a co-worker […]

Don’t Take the Bait

There it is. Dangling in front of your nose like a scrumptious morsel of self-indulgence. Taunting you with its seductive aroma.
Righteous indignation.
Blistering anger.
Backstabbing retaliation.
Cold indifference.
Passive aggressive sabotage.
What’s your poison of choice when someone pushes your hot buttons?
Make no mistake. Nothing makes a smart and talented Type A superstar look like a donkey’s backside […]

Untangle the Triangle

Backstabbing. Blindsided. Back channeling.
What do all of these nasty situations have in common? Triangular communication.
Triangles create drama, destroy trust and sabotage relationships.
Let me prove it to you.
Your sixteen-year old asks you if she can spend Saturday with her friends. You tell her no and remind her […]

When Perfect Goes Bad

Type A’s are notorious for setting a high bar and then pushing themselves and everyone else over the edge. This is especially true for Type A’s who have been bitten by the perfect bug.
Have you been bitten by the perfect bug? Check out these 10 signs and symptoms.
1. You believe it’s important […]

Check the Label

Frustrated that a direct report is not performing up to par? Exhausted trying to get your message across? Wondering why in the Blue Sky Vodka she doesn’t get on board?
Before you blow a gasket and end up in a casket, do a quick label check.
What label are you wearing when you talk to […]

10 Type A Positive Attitude Traps

No one argues louder or longer than a Type A who is positive she is right. I’ve been asked to clean up more Type A train wrecks caused by Type A positive attitudes than I can count.
Do the sniff test on your attitudes.
Are you stuck in these Type A positive […]

Rock the Pricklies

“The biggest concern I have is…” The consultant’s voice faded into a nervous cough and an uneasy silence hung between us on the phone.
“Well, I don’t know how else to say it. Every time I’ve met with her, she has been very….uh, I guess you could call it… prickly. It’s like she’s […]