Two Heads Are Not Better

“I can’t believe this. My direct reports scored me really high. My supervisors scored me low. This is confusing. I don’t understand.”
I run into various flavors of this two-headed Type A monster all the time when debriefing the results of the Tilt360 Leadership Predictor. Sometimes the direct reports score the […]

What Most Type A Leaders Forget to Do

What are you forgetting to do in the hullabaloo of deadlines, distractions and demands that has the power to sink your ship?

You give direction.
You give feedback.
You ask for opinions.
You problem-solve.
You make big decisions.
You strategize.
What’s missing?
More than likely it’s asking for commitment.
Here’s the deal. Too often we skip right over that step and just assume […]

Barking for Trouble

“I corrected the mistake for her and told her I expected it would not happen again.”
The triumphant Type A manager leaned back in her chair and licked her lips like a satisfied lioness savoring the fresh blood after the kill.
“Did you ask for the employee’s commitment that she would not make that mistake again?” […]

Don’t Take the Bait

There it is. Dangling in front of your nose like a scrumptious morsel of self-indulgence. Taunting you with its seductive aroma.
Righteous indignation.
Blistering anger.
Backstabbing retaliation.
Cold indifference.
Passive aggressive sabotage.
What’s your poison of choice when someone pushes your hot buttons?
Make no mistake. Nothing makes a smart and talented Type A superstar look like a donkey’s backside […]

Rock the Pricklies

“The biggest concern I have is…” The consultant’s voice faded into a nervous cough and an uneasy silence hung between us on the phone.
“Well, I don’t know how else to say it. Every time I’ve met with her, she has been very….uh, I guess you could call it… prickly. It’s like she’s […]

Leap from Expert to Executive

Are you a turbocharged, Type A individual who has worked long and hard to become an expert in your field?
Is your head a vault stuffed full of subject matter details and specialized tools?
Do you have your expert’s eye locked on an enticing spot in the executive suite?
In my work […]

Fixing People Problems Is Hard – Bah Humbug!

I heard it again last week from a chief operating officer….
“We’ve got a real problem with this director, but I’m uncomfortable talking to him about a 360 assessment and executive coaching. Our company has never done anything like that before. I don’t want to upset him. I need to go real slow […]

Type A’s: 3 Business Reasons You Should Stop Trying So Hard

If you are a tough-as-nails, “I-can-take-anything” Type A who pushes yourself and others over the edge, keep reading.
Type A individuals are prone to blowing off the early warning signs of internal collateral damage. That’s a little like ignoring the fire alarm because you think you’re too cool to burn.
Internal collateral damage […]

Flying with a Leak in Your Fuel Tank?

You know how it goes. While everyone is buckling seat belts, cramming their carry-ons into the overhead compartment and fighting over the arm rest, the dreaded announcement is made.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got a maintenance issue that we’ve asked the crew to check out. Our take-off is going to be delayed until we […]

Lisa Dee: Power Off the Scale

“We had to dig the chickens out of three feet of snow yesterday.”
I chuckle at the surprising vision of this Type A power player shoveling snow while the chickens crow.
“I built my first company with a $5000 loan from my parents. I built it up to a $24 million dollar company.”
With […]