Type A’s: 3 Business Reasons You Should Stop Trying So Hard

If you are a tough-as-nails, “I-can-take-anything” Type A who pushes yourself and others over the edge, keep reading.
Type A individuals are prone to blowing off the early warning signs of internal collateral damage. That’s a little like ignoring the fire alarm because you think you’re too cool to burn.
Internal collateral damage […]

Risk Factor 1: Whatever It Takes Is a Big Mistake

Are you ready to cast some light on the seven invisible risk factors of top performer collateral damage? Let’s get going. Here’s the first one.
Risk Factor 1: The ‘whatever it takes’ philosophy is encouraged and rewarded.
Let’s be clear.
The vast majority of top performers are Type A individuals. They are ambitious, […]

The Seven Invisible Risk Factors of Collateral Damage

Just like cigarettes and donuts skyrocket your chances of becoming a coronary time bomb, there are risk factors which increase your odds of becoming a collateral damage catastrophe.
Taken individually, each of these risk factors increases the odds of Type A top performer collateral damage occurring. However, when two or more of these […]

Top Performer Collateral Damage

What kinds of collateral damage are your Type A top performers creating?

As we say good-by to 2009 and hello to 2010, it’s a great time for a collateral damage check-up before you find yourself cleaning up a screw up.
To prevent collateral damage, you must first understand what it is.
Collateral damage is the undesirable […]

Kelly Flood’s Kitchen Table Wisdom

“I’m such a Type A that I’m even a Type A when I’m decorating my home for the holidays.”
Whip together powerful, passionate and driven. Then stir in warm and thoughtful. Top it all off with a quick sense of humor and a healthy dose of perspective. That describes Type […]

Motivating a Type A Superstar to Change – Part 2

Contrary to the old saw, you can teach an old dog a new trick. It just requires a tantalizing treat that captures and holds the dog’s attention… like freeze dried liver morsels or a hedgehog squeaky toy.
Same thing goes for motivating a Type A superstar to do something new or different.
You must tie the […]

Motivating a Type A Superstar to Change

Here’s a brutal truth hiding behind closed doors in executive suites all over the country.
Motivating a Type A Superstar to change her magic formula for success can be the boss’s toughest challenge.
Think about it. When you’ve got a proven track record of bringing home the bacon, it’s a natural tendency […]

What’s really capturing your attention?

Did you see the article in the New York Times, Ear Plugs to Lasers: The Science of Concentration? In the book, Rapt, author Winifred Gallagher, reminds us of two well known concepts:

What we pay attention to determines what kind of experience we create.
Our brains work best when we concentrate and focus […]

Why You Should Love Pain-in-the-Butt Employees

I get the question all the time… “How can I deal with an employee who is a real pain in the a—-? She’s driving me crazy!”
When I ask why the employee hasn’t been given her walking papers, the boss usually spits out, “Because she’s one of our best producers. She’s too valuable to […]