Two Heads Are Not Better

“I can’t believe this. My direct reports scored me really high. My supervisors scored me low. This is confusing. I don’t understand.”
I run into various flavors of this two-headed Type A monster all the time when debriefing the results of the Tilt360 Leadership Predictor. Sometimes the direct reports score the […]

What Most Type A Leaders Forget to Do

What are you forgetting to do in the hullabaloo of deadlines, distractions and demands that has the power to sink your ship?

You give direction.
You give feedback.
You ask for opinions.
You problem-solve.
You make big decisions.
You strategize.
What’s missing?
More than likely it’s asking for commitment.
Here’s the deal. Too often we skip right over that step and just assume […]

Barking for Trouble

“I corrected the mistake for her and told her I expected it would not happen again.”
The triumphant Type A manager leaned back in her chair and licked her lips like a satisfied lioness savoring the fresh blood after the kill.
“Did you ask for the employee’s commitment that she would not make that mistake again?” […]

Don’t Take the Bait

There it is. Dangling in front of your nose like a scrumptious morsel of self-indulgence. Taunting you with its seductive aroma.
Righteous indignation.
Blistering anger.
Backstabbing retaliation.
Cold indifference.
Passive aggressive sabotage.
What’s your poison of choice when someone pushes your hot buttons?
Make no mistake. Nothing makes a smart and talented Type A superstar look like a donkey’s backside […]

Untangle the Triangle

Backstabbing. Blindsided. Back channeling.
What do all of these nasty situations have in common? Triangular communication.
Triangles create drama, destroy trust and sabotage relationships.
Let me prove it to you.
Your sixteen-year old asks you if she can spend Saturday with her friends. You tell her no and remind her […]

When Perfect Goes Bad

Type A’s are notorious for setting a high bar and then pushing themselves and everyone else over the edge. This is especially true for Type A’s who have been bitten by the perfect bug.
Have you been bitten by the perfect bug? Check out these 10 signs and symptoms.
1. You believe it’s important […]

“I Just Want To Do My Job.”

“I just want to do my job.”
Hang around with hard working, high achieving Type A’s long enough and you’re bound to hear that. Heck. You may even be the one saying it!
On the surface the sentence is deceptively benign and easy to ignore.
“Duh. Of course, you want to do your job.” […]

Check the Label

Frustrated that a direct report is not performing up to par? Exhausted trying to get your message across? Wondering why in the Blue Sky Vodka she doesn’t get on board?
Before you blow a gasket and end up in a casket, do a quick label check.
What label are you wearing when you talk to […]

Rock the Pricklies

“The biggest concern I have is…” The consultant’s voice faded into a nervous cough and an uneasy silence hung between us on the phone.
“Well, I don’t know how else to say it. Every time I’ve met with her, she has been very….uh, I guess you could call it… prickly. It’s like she’s […]

Eyeball the Rules

Stuck in a squabble? Hog tied by feuding frustration? Languishing at loggerheads?
Few things throw a kink in your kabobs quicker than a never-ending, teeth grinding tussle between two Type A warriors.
Bring the bloody battle to a truce. Drill below the dueling to reveal the real bone of contention.
One of […]