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What Type A Executives Have to Say About Kay

I think you’re incredible…and I wasn’t prepared to think that!

As you know, I was extremely resistant when our HR director approached me with the idea of being coached. After all, I opened the Pueblo office for my company 14 years ago and I have always been a high producer. But, after working with you, I realized that I had lost myself. During that time I never took a week off. It was difficult for me to delegate, to give up control. The six months you coached me changed my life. Since working with you, my office remains highly productive, but the environment is so much better. Work really can be playful and productive at the same time! The performance of my employees has actually improved. They feel more connected and they’re having more fun. Instead of being the “fixer,” I now teach people how to fix things for themselves. Now, if I’m juggling a lot of balls, when one drops I trust that I have people who will pick it up. Kay, I cannot thank you enough. I’m loving life more than I could ever have imagined

-D. Wilson, Vice President, Security Title Guaranty

My executive coach experience with Kay Cannon produced benefits that far outweigh the costs. Kay was able to break through my deeply instilled thinking patterns & help me transform my approach to work. Kay helped me completely turn around a situation at work that most people did not think could be done. Without her help, the turnaround would not have happened!

-R. Christian, VP Operations & Partner, Service Net Solutions, LLC

There is strength and power in Kay’s “quiet” coaching. She very quietly sneaked up behind me and kicked me out of my complacency with those pink fuzzy steel toed slippers! It was life changing.

-J. Hinton, Stone Soup

Kay’s got a great sense of humor. It’s the grease that makes our relationship really work. It’s helped me see things from different perspectives, which has helped me work through different project challenges with other team members.

-I. Piatek, Project Manager, NASA’s Johnson Space Center

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Through our private, 1:1 telephone conversations, you quickly became my trusted advisor; a person I can always count on to shine the light in my eyes until I can see, to hold a mirror up in front of my face so I can view my reflection as others see it and to gently repeat yourself until I truly understand. But you do all this without judgment and with compassion for the place I am at that moment and the work I still have yet to do.

The specific results of our coaching have been miracles in my life and have forever changed how I look at the world and the people in it. Most importantly, you have given me tools that help me manage and choose how I respond to it all. Or, not.

One look at my business card and others might think I have taken several steps backward in my career, but you and I both know the truth. Success for me now comes from the authentic relationships I have in my life – both professional and personal – that bring me joy, that make my heart sing, and that bring joy to others. And because of that, I’m more valuable to my company, produce more high-quality work, and am more loyal to them than ever.

My relationship with you has fundamentally changed the landscape of my life, professionally and personally, forever. Without question, I am a better person, have achieved more and am closer to being the woman I long to be as a result of working with you.

It is an honor to know you and I recommend you and your talent and wisdom without hesitation.

-J. Talbot, Lexmark International

Kay Cannon is an exceptional coach and advisor. Kay’s coaching “magic” has helped me view life’s challenges and decisions more effectively with a manageable outlook and action. She will bring out the best in you, so you can “soar on” with your professional and personal life. Kay is my pillar of strength and courage….At every session I learn more about myself and how to deal with others on every level. Kay inspires me to” soar on” through it all!

-S.Abbajay, VP, Neill Corporation

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Thank you for helping me to expand and refine my leadership skills through the thoughtful insights and encouragement of your coaching. As the Deputy Principal Investigator and Science Team Leader for a NASA satellite project, I am faced with technical problems on a daily basis. However, these seem almost trivial to overcome when compared with the personnel challenges of leading an international team of scientists and marshaling the energies of the broader scientific data user community to deliver a successful mission. Many liken this job to “herding cats”, with at least as many definitions of success as there are members of the Science Team. Forging a cohesive, resilient team and a common set of shared values has proven invaluable, especially given the budget and schedule constraints imposed on the project.

I continue to benefit from my work with you and hope that others see in me the imperturbable zen-like calm that I observe in you during our conversations. Your coaching has also helped me to:

  • Discern what message others are trying to deliver rather than the words they are using to deliver it.
  • Recognize when listening is more powerful that speaking.
  • Motivate my team through empowerment and shared responsibility.
  • Improve my recognition of personal politics and agendas.

I value your coaching more than I ever would have expected.

-C. Miller

Kay and I worked together in a coaching relationship for over a year, and I still continue to reap the benefits of our work together. It truly changed my life.

-A. Deaton, Clinical Psychologist

No matter how difficult or complicated the situation, Kay manages to motivate individuals to perform in ways I never thought possible.

-M. Morford, President, The HREdge, Inc.

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