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Type A Executive Development

Professional Success and Personal Satisfaction: A Perfect Pairing.

Who says that success and sleep are mutually exclusive? We help executives stand out, get more done, and even have a little fun – without the sleep deprivation.

VIP Executive Coaching

Feel like you’re working at the volcano’s edge? You need solutions that stand up to the heat. We can help. For two decades, Type A executives who couldn’t afford to dither, delay, or second-guess themselves in high-stakes scenarios have turned to Kay Cannon to help them stop catastrophic scorchers, make confident strategic choices, polish their presence, and leave behind remarkable legacies. With our VIP Executive Coaching, you get unlimited confidential access to Kay whenever you need it. Click here to read more.

Executive Leadership Coaching

The same power, passion, and intensity that supercharge your success can also sabotage it. That’s why up to half of all executive leaders are doomed to fail. So if you’re being groomed for a CEO-level position, our Executive Leadership Coaching gives you confidential, candid feedback on your leadership effectiveness, performance and presence so you can channel your intensity to work smarter, to seamlessly move up the ranks and still get home in time for dinner. Click here to read more.

Executive Team Coaching

When your top players get together, there’s bound to be brilliance bundled with brouhaha. So you have to wisely channel your team’s intensity and get them working seamlessly on high-stakes issues. Through careful analysis, candid discussion, and two decades worth of executive insight, Kay Cannon makes sure your whole team is on the right side of a good thing – so that when the sparks of brilliance do fly, nobody’s left holding the gasoline. Click here to read more.

High Potential Leadership Coaching

The world is littered with examples of intelligent Type A’s who sank their own ships. That doesn’t have to be you: we’ll show you the pitfalls and illusions that ensnare even the best leaders so that you can avoid the same fate. If you’re a high-potential Type A being groomed for bigger things, our High Potential Leadership Coaching helps you supercharge your performance so you’re confident and ready for the next level. Click here to read more.