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Type A Performance Diagnostics

Precise, Powerful Performance Improvement

Turn up performance and turn down the collateral damage with our suite of customized diagnostic services.

CEO Confidential Advisory Consultation

You don’t have to tackle Type A people problems alone. Kay Cannon has been in the executive trenches long enough to know how frustrating it is to maintain strategic focus when a top player is veering off course and causing one catastrophe after another. During a confidential 90 minute consultation with Kay, you can discuss your concerns, investigate your options and determine the most cost-effective solution to these delicate situations. Click here to read more.

Rapid Performance Analysis

Theories and strategies are great, but they are generic. You’re not generic. If you really want to stand out from the pack, you need insights that will fit you like a favorite pair of jeans. We’ll map out your distinct performance DNA, fortifying any weak links and supercharging your professional potential. Click here to read more.

Collateral Damage Diagnostic Intensive

You’ve tried everything you can think of to fix the problems caused by a top performer, but despite your best efforts, collateral damage is piling up around you like a toxic waste dump. Complaints are flying. Productivity is slipping. Your stress is skyrocketing. And your company’s credibility and reputation on are the line. You need a secret weapon. That’s where we come in. We’ll get right in the trenches with you to stop the bleeding and craft a winning solution for high-risk scenarios. Click here to read more.