Type A Top Talent – Debra Koerner

When corporate executive and single mother Debra Koerner found herself struggling with insomnia, unwanted weight and chronic indigestion she did what many individuals do. She went to her physician for help. But when the doctor pulled out his prescription pad to treat her symptoms, Debra said no. Instead of popping prescription pills to hide her health problems, Debra embarked upon a journey to reclaim her health and well-being. Debra had no idea this journey would lead her to a place of passion and purpose.

For 15 years, Debra K. kept companies she worked with healthy, using her expertise to create spectacular customer experiences. But the 60+ hour weeks this former Fortune 250 executive invested in her career had an adverse effect on her own wellbeing: she became an overworked, pudgy insomniac on the brink of a health crisis.

After leaving the corporate world, she launched a successful wellness education company and began consulting in the spa industry. She’s the author of Success from the Start and the Executive Director for the Destination Spa Group. As the Executive Producer and Host for the Journey into Wellbeing, A show airing nationally on PBS, Debra’s tackling her personal health challenges head-on, with a multimedia adventure that takes her across the United States in search of health secrets that can inspire our nation’s health transformation.

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