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VIP Executive Coaching

Sometimes the top of the mountain is really just the tip of the volcano.

You spent years scaling the mountain of success. But when you finally reached the top, you found out the hard way that this peak is the kind that spews lava. Here, everything is a high-pressure, high-stakes, highly volatile emergency.

So now instead of enjoying the view, you’re trying to stave off the next eruption. And while everyone’s watching to see if you’ll sweat, you’re just hoping not to singe your eyebrows – or your reputation.

Feel like you’re working at the volcano’s edge? You need solutions that stand up to the heat. We can help.

How do you get the glow of success – without the third-degree burns?

For two decades, Type A executives who couldn’t afford to dither, delay, or second-guess themselves in high-stakes scenarios have turned to Kay Cannon for candid, confidential insights.

Through humor and wisdom, Kay has helped them stop catastrophic scorchers, make confident strategic choices, polish their presence, and leave behind remarkable legacies.

Working with Kay, we increased revenue by 36%, moved into larger facilities and paid off a $174,000 loan in five months. I find it very difficult to put into words the magnitude of what Kay helped my business partner and me do with not only our business but also with my own personal growth. I already had the answers; Kay just helped me bring them together. I am a different person having coached with Kay and I hope to maintain a long relationship with her as she helped me to grow both personally and professionally.

-D. Dyer, Founder & CEO, Central Kentucky Research Associates

With our VIP Executive Coaching, you get:

  • Unlimited confidential access to Kay – whenever you need it. There are no rigid coaching schedules or time limits, and wisdom is on tap any time. Call, email, or pull Kay aside when urgent problems pop up, situations swerve for the worse, and time-sensitive opportunities demand immediate action.
  • A safe place to untangle high-stakes strategic dilemmas – without the hidden agendas, confidentiality issues, or political poker to worry about. With Kay’s help, you can pause, reflect, and indulge in the luxury of mulling things over before making tough choices.
  • Candid feedback to help you cultivate an unmistakable executive presence. At your level, who’s really telling you whether your actions are fueling a collateral damage catastrophe? Get the truth about your effectiveness and professional performance – plus a plan to improve it.

Tame your volcano. Click here to request a FREE 30-minute exploratory phone call with Kay.